30 Day Challenge

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Day 1

50 Burpees

Here’s it is – remember you can break them down into to 10’s or 25’s. Just make sure you complete 50!

Day 2

110 Squats

So we’re working the legs today to build strength for later on in the month. It’s a simple air squat, which will get your legs wobbly! This workout will help all that stomping through the muddy bogs.

Day 3

Mountain Climbers

3 minutes!This one is tough and you might need to break them down into 30 secs intervals. You could do three in the morning and the last three in the evening, or space out throughout the day.

Day 4

55 Box Jumps

Build on that explosiveness and improve your jumping skills for around the course. You don’t need a special bench, just find anything at least 14 inches high for women and 24 inches for men, but don’t worry to much – just get jumping! (oh and be careful jumping around – we don’t want any accidents).

Day 5

50 Press ups

Rest those legs and get on the floor for press ups today. Break them down into smaller sets if you need to

Day 6


We’re focusing on the core today, with two minutes to complete. We all know these are difficult so break down into 30 seconds or 1 minutes if you can’t do the whole 2 minutes. Make sure you follow the Baz’s instructions on the video below.


Day 7

Pick One:

Bronze – 17 Burpees, 37 Squats, 1 Minute Mountain Climbers, 18 Box Jumps, 25 Press Ups, 40 secs Plank

Silver – 25 Burpees, 55 Squats, 1.5 Minute Mountain Climbers, 27 Box Jumps, 38 Press ups, 1 minute Plank.

Gold – 50 Burpess, 111 Squats, 3 Minute Mountain Climbers, 55 Box


Day 8




Day 9

5 x 30 Second Hill Sprints

Today we’re introducing some running. It’s easy to do – find a hill and run up it for 30 seconds, then walk back down. Do this five times. Hill running is essential in obstacle race training and a major ingredient in getting better at running.
If you can't find a hill then use the stairs!!

Day 10

Plank to press up

We’re back onto the core and upper body. Start off in a plank position with your arms bent and forearms flat on the ground. Then extend your arms to raise your body higher off the ground into a press up position, leading with your right arm, and then back down again. Do this for one minute on either arm.

Day 11

75 Jumping Lunges

We’ve rested the legs now so today it’s jumping lunges – remember to break them down into 25’s if you struggle with a full 75. Good luck and keep going!

Day 12

50 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Jump as high as you can, raising your knees up, and then ensure a good landing by extending your legs and absorbing the impact by bending your knees.

Day 13

Leg Raises

Lay flat with your arms at your sides and legs stretched out next to each other, then raise those legs. Keep your legs as straight as possible

Day 14


1 minute. Same technique as day 1.
As fast as you can with no rest

Day 15

Bench Dips

Perfect for building upper body strength which will help rope climbing, getting over that last final wall and pretty much most tasks during an obstacle race. Watch the video and find a raised platform.


Day 16




Day 17


30 minutes
Take this as a Steady State run at about 50- 60% effort that you can maintain for the duration

Day 18

Walking Lunges

Today we’re back on lunges, but this time walking! You can use weights by holding them in each arm if you want to make it a little harder. This could be something as simple as a tin of bake beans in each hand

Day 19

Side PLank

Hold for one minute on either side today to build your core strong ready for attacking the obstacles.

Day 20

Donkey Kicks

You’ve been working hard to this point. We know you have improved your strength and stamina, so now we have got a real leg burner for you!!!!


Day 21

Workout day

Ok so by now you’ve had two weeks of getting fit right? Time to to do a test:
1 minute: Press Ups
1 minute: leg raises
1 minute: Burpees

Day 22

Partner assisted leg raises

So your core is SOOOOOOOOOOO important for Rough obstacle race so lets work it some more.

Day 23

30 Windscreen Wipers

These are perfect for improving core strength and helping you to swing those legs over obstacle walls. Lie on you back and put your legs up so you’re body is in a 90 degree angle, then in windscreen wiper fashion keeping your legs together move them to either side. See video below.


Day 24




Day 25

Dead hang

Today we’re working on hand, grip and forearm strength, which will help with monkey bars and other upper body obstacles. Rather than a pull up you need to just hang there for as long as you can, to a total of 1 minute.

Day 26

Press ups

Well done on completing the hanging and getting this far. Today we’re going to spice up press ups by pushing off the ground.


Day 27

Rough 300 WORKOUT

Squats – 25 reps
Donkey Kicks – 50 reps
Box Jumps – 50 reps
Donkey Kicks – 50 reps
Windscreen Wipers – 50 reps
Jump Lunge– 50 reps
Sit ups – 25 reps

Day 28

Crab Walk

Run 10 metres and finish with 10 crab walks (left and right tap = 1 rep of crab walk) – then repeat:
Bronze – 3 repeats (30 Crab Walks )
Silver – 6 repeats (60 Crab Walks )
Gold – 10 repeats (100 Crab Walks)

Day 29

Russian Twists

Sitting on the floor with your feet slightly raised and leaning back you will need to twist to either side. You can hold a weight to make it harder too. Each side is one so go for 60!


Day 30

Hill Sprints

Find a hill and run up it for 30 seconds, then walk back down. Do this five times.

If you can't find a hill then use the stairs!!

Keep it up, you'll soon be ready for Rough!