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Rough 5k obstacle run


10+ years

Event dates:
Saturday 13th April 2019

Start time:
Registration opens 1 hour before.

Wave 1: 10:00
Wave 2: 10:30
Wave 3: 11:00

Saturday 13th April 2019

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There are a huge number of obstacles jam packed into this distance, which gives great value for money. The course includes fun small obstructions through to some larger more challenging obstacles from hops, heights, climbs and slides to some very muddy on the ground lows! You’ll never be a huge distance between something new to tackle. You can walk, jog, run or skip your way round there is no set pace. It is just as fun for one individual to conquer the race as it is for a group of friends to be part of something great. The 5k includes part of the 6mile and ten mile route so don’t be fooled into thinking it will be too easy! All obstacles are optional though so if you’d rather not do something, just go round!

On successfully crossing the finish line which opens up in the activity village, you will be presented with a bottle of water, a small snack, a medal and a t-shirt and have your photo taken! You will hear cheers from other runners, and perhaps from your non-running friends and family who have come to support you…..that is if you can find them and they haven’t got distracted by all the other fun things on site!


What's included

  • FREE hot showers
  • FREE Car parking
  • Food & drink stands
  • Completion medal
  • T-shirt (5k & 6m)
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